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Western Sahara....

In 1980....Morocco began to construct a Wall (Berm) that effectively partitions Western can read about that here...

The majoritry of Saharaouis now live in camps in Algeria and work and try to survive in the lands to the west of the Berm as it dissects their country!

" I was expecting typical Arab-Islamic music for voice and drums from the obscure country of Western Sahara. I did not expect the articulate electric guitars that also screamed with feedback, nor the delicate and complex acoustic and blues-inflected acoustic guitar playing that's as varied and rich as anything from Mali - yet different. Nor did I expect supremely passionate vocals as intense as the most startling flamenco singing. But that's what I heard from these little-known people. Since the occupation of the state of Western Sahara in 1975, most of the Saharaoui people live in Algerian territory where they preserve their completely different culture. And this is totally reflected in the music. It's not like anything else. It's the combination of the raw and powerful traditional vocals and the modern, creative guitar playing that is especially striking here, Those elements combine together with powerful Arabic rhythms and drumming into some that is simultaneously ancient and modern at the same time."

The music bears a remarkable similarity to the style of Mali's Tuareg tribes people.....also displaced by civil war........Tinariwen!

Mosalsal Nour

Fem Iwad


Hafed Almakari

Maryam Mint Hassam

Cultural Practice

Musique Simo Saharaa

Western Sahara... Rasd I


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