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"What is implicit in a performance of an African band such as Tata Dindin is the raw, driving passion that knows no fake;  no going through the motions; no lets just get it done and take the money; or any other kind of trickery! "

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. Tata......  2. The Band...... 3. With Elvis Presley at Farafini nightclub in Kafountine...Casamance...... 4. The Family......Johnny Toubab... and Grandma (aged 93).....  5. The eyes have it! ......

This is a remarkable man! Once you have completely understood the circle of music that has travelled across oceans and  around the world,  it becomes apparent that Tata Dindin produces work that is true genius;  that he is  a master of rhythm, phrasing, composition and arrangement, is beyond question! This review... Tata in Casamance    and this..  Art Jobarte      

His approach to music is exactly like that of all the truly great American Jazz Musicians that I have studied for 30 years. To share musical ideas, write songs, play bass for improvisations, and simply live and work with this man is an experience that I shall treasure for the rest of my life.

Listen out for  duets with Hans Ludemann on Grand Piano live at Stadtgarten in Koln Germany. The interplay between Kora and Piano is Jazz at its most exhilarating! To say that these two improvise and play together does not do justice to their technical skill and musicality!

There are many links....but this is recommended...

Tata has lived in Germany for many years and toured with The Afrika Troupe  

Tata has also been home in The Gambia filming a documentary style movie that is following some of the Artists from the Afrika troupe. If you are in Europe I would urge you to check out this amazing performance by 60 superb athletes and musicians. A taste of Africa that you will never forget. 

There is much to see at ...  this is the Swedish Goverment sponsored website for Gambian Cultural Affairs and updates about festival news regularly.

For more information about the Jobarteh family of Jalis and Kora players, Tata's father Malamin Baba Jobarteh, and brother Pa Bobo Jobarteh ...  played at the London O2   Arena soon as you open the web site the reviews leap off of the page..... as Youssou N'Dour lays down that beautiful Africa refrain....check out this show around the world.. ...even if you have to walk...hands and knees...broken glass...words like....

He has also found the time to record an album in England with his London producers....."Kanake"...will be one of your albums of the year...believe it...!!

The CD  "Kanake".... "Dont do it"..... is now available at Townsend Records or at is on my CD player 24/7........Enjoy. Here is a review from The Gambian Observer!

Most recently...The Konteh Kunda Music School has been built.  Tata Dindin's father Malamin Jobarteh and Dembo Konteh grew up in the house of Dembo's father, Alhagie Bai Konteh. They have studied and played together for over 70 years. They have also produced  some remarkably gifted children. These are the next generation who will tutor you at Konteh Kunda! Tata Dindin, Pa Bobo, Dembo Jobarteh, Bai Jobarteh, Jalibakary Konteh, Mafu Konteh, Bai Konteh and Bambo Konteh are sons of these two Kora masters, Dembo Konteh and Malamin Jobarteh. Tata, being the eldest, has delivered a repertoire of music around the world that has traditional, modern and avant garde arrangements, as good as anything found in the Western World. The implicit history of his forefathers contained therein gives him the edge ... in my book. In pure and simple English... that is one helluva Rock and Roll Band!



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