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July....2009 .....we we return to the Southern West African coast......

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone.. like most of West Africa.. is experiencing a change in its popular musical culture. Contemporary styles that have been developing in America and Europe are beginning to impact upon the new music generation. The wars and civil conflict have left a vacuum in the traditional culture and musical styles. Maringa and Gumbe are now no longer as all embracing as they used to be.

Maringa was developed from Caribbean Calypso.and was therefore one of the first examples of music that travelled across the ocean from the Diaspora..was redeveloped in the Caribbean..and then returned to Freetown.. as newly freed slaves returned home to Africa. Gumbe however was developed from influences that crossed the border from Guinea..more of a Swing feel..and based around a percussive instrument made from stones in a tin can. Finally in the 1970s.a combination of MaringaCongolese music. Funk and Soul produced a kind of Afro-popwhich directly parallels the development of Afro-Mandinkato the North.... in Gambia and Senegal. Since the end of the civil war......and the return to peace.a massive influx of Rap.Reggae.and other contemporary styles has produced new and modern variations of this Afro-Pop. 


Emerson....Tutu Party

Emerson..... Sugar Merecine

Millicent Rhodes...African Medley

Vicky Fornah....This World

Jimmy B....Beautiful




This music is full of Caribbean influences...Calypso.......early Bob Marley...Ska...Desmond Dekker.... and even the Swing Guitar Gumbe from Guinea is in the mix!!


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