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The Nok people of central Nigeria produced the earliest terracotta sculptures ever to be found in the country. There is some suggestion that these were symbols of authority associated with ancient Egyptian pharaohs and the God Osiris, and suggests that an ancient Egyptian style of social structure, and perhaps religion, existed in the area of modern Nigeria during the late Pharonic period. At the beginning of the 19th century ..... Usman Dan Fodio..... headed the centralized Fulani Empire.... which continued until 1903 when the Fulani population and land were divided into various European colonies. From 1750 to 1900..... between one and two-thirds of the entire population of the Fulani consisted of slaves.

Nigeria became a British protectorate in 1901 and was granted independence in 1960. There followed power struggles and a bloody ethnic war with the Biafrans. By 1970..... a kind of peace was established and the Oil Petro Dollars began to flow. There has been an ongoing struggle between Democratic and Military Governments...  which has left the country in turmoil! Creatively...Nigeria just keeps on producing an ever increasing array of styles and talents. Its long multi cultural history ensures a never ending supply of influences that have worked their way into the Nigerian music scene! The river Niger...having started its journey 2,500 miles upstream in Guinea and Mali.... has carried the inner heartbeat of African music to the coast....and far beyond! Nigeria has been at the forefront of World Music for 30 years. Fela Kuti will be featured hear....along with Sunny Ade.... and a few more obscure examples. The Coastal region has embraced many international styles... but Nigeria somehow also maintains the skeletal forms of tradition that travel effortlessly along the Niger River.

The Music of Nigeria

Fela Kuti "Water No Get Enemy" (1975)

Trouble Sleep; Yanga Wake Am - Fela Kuti

Fela Kuti - Fefe Naa Efe

Fela Kuti & Egypt 80 - Bonn - "Beasts of no Nation"

Fela Kuti on Colonial Mentality

King Sunny Ade - Ja Fun Mi

King Sunny Ade - Merciful God

King Sunny Ade - Mo Beru Agba   Ma Jaiye Oni

King Sunny Ade and his African Beats  Mo Ti Mo

P Square  Do me

P Square  More Than A Friend

Prof Linkin  Jogodo

Testimonial Worship

Naija Girls Dey Rock


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