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Morocco has to be the most interesting place that I have never been. Invaded by the Moors.....and now full of all of the Andalusian, Berber, Sufi, Arabic and Jewish influences that have survived the centuries of upheaval, its music is simply a feast of tradition and ideas!! As one half of the gateway to the Mediterranean, it is easy to see that half of the world and his brother has passed through. If not going to or coming from a war, then trading any of the goods that centuries of African, European and Middle Eastern countries have fought over would probably be the agenda. And always the music!!


Robert Plant..... Four Sticks

Nuba Ansalusi

Andalusi Orquestra Marruecos

A  Berber Dance

El Hamdaouia

Ouled Bouazaoui

Francoise Atlan, Acha Redouane, Montserrat Figueras

Franoise Atlan with Acha Redouane

Moroccan House Mix


Ya Habibi

Nancy Ajram


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