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A wonderful map of Ghana.

"If an award were given for the country with the friendliest people in West Africa, Ghana would be a strong contender...especially if budget travellers were doing the voting. Spend a few hours in the breezy capital at Accra, and you'll swear the wind and waves off the Gulf of Guinea have infused the land and people alike with equatorial warmth." 

The music of Ghana encompasses many of the traditional flavours and influences of the nomadic north.... Sudan... Mali....Senegal and Niger and Nigeria closer to home. There are still many traditional instruments..... including lute...drum....bowed fiddle....and also a long history of Griot back to the Songhai and Mossi Empires. Both Fula and Mandinka have travelled as far South as Ghana.... as well as Gambia to the West. The historical migration of ethnic groups has in fact produced a situation very similar to Gambia....where the strength of  tradition has contributed to the survival of music played in a traditional way. This has been integrated with modern recording techniques to produce a modern style. Mix in Highlife and Hip-Hop...and Hip Life is now a firmly established genre. I find it beyond coincidence that Ghana....and Gambia... the departure points for human trafficking... have attracted the strength of ethnic minorities and historical musical instrumentation to produce styles that are rooted very strongly in tradition. As rivers flow towards the would seem.....must find its way estuaries..... and across oceans....!!

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