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We have been looking at the musical development of Western Africa for some time. What by now I hope is clear is that the musical explosion that occurred in the 20th century Americas was a direct result of the influx of 15 million Africans who were forcibly transported from their homelands during the previous 300 years. The Black Codes of 1898 saw the Creole population, previously Aristocrat, re-classified as Black. From that day forward...... as Louisiana was sold back to the American Government by the French.....itinerant Black blues players conjoined with Creole classically trained players...mixed in with a little military Quadrille style drumming produce that most ephemeral of music.....Jazz. The development of Jazz( a Jahass of styles) has been truly meteoric over the first 50 years of the 20th century. Rock and Roll and Soul music have had an equally profound impact on American culture during the second 50 years. Chiron...discovered in 1977.... would seem to have played a major part in focussing all of these events as its 50 years cycle placed it in late Sagittarius/early Capricorn in 1901 and 1950. It will be exciting to watch musical developments as we now travel through Chiron's next cycle. We are featuring here African American musicians, and also  African musicians who were forced to live for some time in America and Europe in exile. Their works truly reflect the unique qualities which they played such an important part in creating!

Ella Fitzgerald

John Coltrane  

Miles Davis 

  James Brown  

William "Smokey" Robinson

Michael Jackson  

Jimi Hendrix

Stevie Wonder

Bob Marley

Gil Scott-Heron

Miriam Makeba

Dudu Pukwana

Etta James

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