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The Birth of a 21st century  Democratic Socialist Republic.

It seems to me that we are reaching the point in the USA, somewhere between conception and birth, where the gestation begins to show signs of revolutionary consciousness. There are adequate models happening around the world right now that all shed light on the do’s and the don’ts.

Nobody has the right, any longer, to say  that “I do not have the wherewithal to help and to contribute.” Nelson Mandela sat in a concrete cell with absolutely no resources whatsoever for 27 years, yet the strength of his vision and his character simply took over, and he emerged, mission accomplished, to begin a process in Africa that “just ain’t gonna stop.”

Colonel Gaddafi, as if to mirror this human achievement with the diametrically opposed view of how not to win friends and influence people, has had all of the resources known to man at his disposal, and has simply chosen to allow his character and vision to create his version of  Mandela’s  Pan-Africanism. 

The people will always choose. That is why true democratic Socialism works. Therefore it is about you; your vision; your character and your patience when dealing with others who perhaps need encouragement. The psyche of a man such as Mandela differs greatly from that of Gaddafi. Mandela ploughed a furrough that left no doubt that there is no compromise, no deviating from the plan, and integrity and a conscious love of the human spirit at all times are the highest considerations at any political level. Gaddafi is simply a psychotic mess who, like many “men of power,” is propped up by his  brutalised caucus of acolytes. It is said that Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe would have quit years ago, but that his executioners and state terrorist henchmen  refuse to allow it, because it is they who will face war crimes long after he has cut a deal and then expired. Gaddafi seems to have raised a brood who are happy to commit mass suicide on Libyan soil, for that is the inevitable outcome of his son’s televised pronouncement on Plan s A, B and C. Exit strategies please!!

It is difficult, at the early stages of a conciousness-raising political experience, not to appear quite fascistic when suggesting that a way of thinking is at the heart of the road to success. But that in itself is a dichotomy. For Mandela has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that … that thinking has to embrace the highest levels of instinct, intuition and a genuinely heartfelt love for every single spirit that shares our planetary home. This is no mean feat, juxtaposed with the current results of a man who has interfered with many of Africa’s state politics, bank-rolled at least 12 mass genocides, including the works of Charles Taylor in Liberia, and has simply imitated his American masters by attempting to bring totalitarianism to the continent of Africa while enslaving its cultures that are actually the most uplifting that I have ever experienced!

This journey begins and ends at your kitchen table. Your commitment to the truth and the future, is simply a measure of Chiron’s current Mercurial and Martian hors d’oeuvres, before the real work begins when the Promethean family arrive later.

Many of us are going to have to make room at the table for others who need to be fed. I hope that you will accommodate your neighbour with a new way of thinking, and a new way of loving. Thanks Jude!

Paul Hill


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