Saihou Kanuteh

 "Saihou is a very gifted player with great sensitivity and discipline................a razor sharp grasp of everything we study...and has inherited his musical gifts from both his parents!

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In a world of extraordinary talent, this young man stands head and shoulders above the crowd! From one of the most celebrated Griot families in West Africa, Saihou Kanuteh is emerging as a man of great vision, and is simply overflowing with ideas and creative talent!..... Kanuteh the Griot       

He was one of my very first pupils when I started teaching and studying in Africa. Here are some of the notes I made when we first met... Saihou Kanuteh...notes  I remember explaining the European "modal" system which of course he could already play. The Balafon is the original African 8 note version of the Vibes or Xylophone. All learned by rote and intuition, he played quartal harmony, triads, sevenths et al., and did not know how any of this related to any particular system or theory. His fluid style knocked me out and actually gave me confidence in my own ability as we covered most of western music theory in about 3 weeks! He also rapidly took on board the key signatures and key centres approach that we use in jazz, and left me with a great sense of pride. To have finally brought a musical offering back home to Africa and worked with such talent has been satisfying, rewarding, humbling and an honour and a privilege! 

Kanuteh has a number of tracks on YouTube and we have embedded an MP3 player at the bottom of the page. Africa Al Nyoneh is the first production from City Walls Music that was written for the African Union summit here in The Gambia.....and reflects on the success of cultural growth in a peaceful and peace loving West African environment!

City Walls Music has established a copyright agreement to protect Saihou Kanuteh's work worldwide. His future performance and teaching work for Musicman 1 will help create a standard and establish an extended familial environment in which students of music can thrive. Look forward to a very long, happy and fruitful working relationship.


Kanuteh performed with the Sofa Nyama Band………Sanku Jobarteh……  at Lama Lama in Bakau last Friday.

Pa Bobo was there on the dance floor and was later invited on stage too. Other musicians at the show included Ali Debois of Five Star Band… and he was also invited on stage. By the end of the show a regular Friday residency was agreed…..Though Kanuteh was in the chorus line, playing Balafon at the same time, this magical Salsa track left no-one sitting. 

A Yugoslavian guy and his wife demonstrated a beautiful tango dance on the floor as Kanuteh sang in both Spanish and Mandinka on a Latin American Salsa flavour. One Mr. Ruben, who is known as an entertainment manager at Sunbeach Hotel, has shown interest in working with Kanuteh with Balafon and Kora at his Hotel. Contracts are being negotiated……!!

Ndigal Gi. Crew, the rap group who featured on Brikong remix, have dilated about a move for the filming for the track by VINASHA. Hopefully the shoot will be next Saturday. So there's gonna be a new video on TV for a big end of year promotion and a 'Ding Wululalu' video shall follow after Kanuteh has successfully entered into a beloved union with his Fula bride……..we wish them a life full of extra-ordinary happiness…… and more music….much much more……." 


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