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Paul Hill

Africa  00220 449 6941 

Europe  0044 (0) 7818 298147 

Bass. Electric and Fretless.

other Instruments. Guitar. Piano.



1 year of Music Theory



Studied Bass

Studied theory. Bach. the Major/Minor Scales and technique

with Richard Wright, student at the Royal Northern College of Music,

guitarist with

Ballet Rambert, and guitarist with Latin Quarter rock  band


Played local gigs with Manchester bands including

Greasy Bear/Ian Wilson later Sad Cafe

Spider Mike King/Martin Hannet/Factory Records Joy Division


First experience of Crew. Mixing Desks and Sound Work.



Dartington     S. Devon.

Attended a Saturday Workshop and discovered Jazz.

Joined the South Devon Jazz Orchestra. (SDJO.  Pronounced Sodya)

4 to a bar and I was driving!

Some wacky stuff …student happenings at 4 a.m. pieces in 5/4 and 13/8.

First time I played  “I Can’t Get Started”

First attempts at composition deemed unplayable by the alto player

Something to do with a ‘top E’

First played with Phillip Ramacon. 17 year old music student at Foxhole School. Later M.D. with Jimmy Cliff

Co-wrote Buffalo Stance for Nena Cherry

Studied ‘the feel and the Skank’




Jazz Quartet with Tim Richards now doing his stuff with Spirit Level



Island Records.London.

3rd assistant gofer/tea boy

Studied Production and Arrangement with Phillip Ramacon

Worked on Score and Arrangement; A Taste of Honey/Take Five for Rico Rodrigues and Ska Wars Theme. Crew for Babylon by Bus “Live at the Lyceum.”

Session Bass on an assortment of tracks including mastering old Flute Tracks for Chris Wood from the band Traffic



N. Wales.

Heard Trefor Owen playing "Just Friends" at a party and that was it.

Offered to learn to play bass for him so that he could develop his playing.

Studied modal playing. Bebop Harmony. (including flattened 5th. Substitution).functioning and nonfunctioning 7ths.. moving bass lines (as used particularly impressively by Martin Taylor, and the strange harmonic approach of Louis Stewart

Joined the Clive Evans Jazz Orchestra.

Trad gigs, danceband gigs and modern bebop jazz guitar gigs.

Worked 6 nights per week playing  N.West circuit with the Trefor Owen Quartet-highlight was definitely the Edinburgh Festival. Martin Taylor gigged there with the Carole Kidd Trio



University of Wales. Bangor. Psychology Dept.

Papers studied include "Tonal Hierarchies in N. Indian Music".

The Idea was to study the development of the internal dialogue as one experiences music and develop this theme into the study of the language of music. This still does not exist. Where are the Blue notes ? Why is the 64th. harmonic of the bass"E" string the colour Orange?

My tutor told me that music was not a language, and could I use my computer skills to program a computer like a human being in the artificial intelligence unit. I left!!



Wave Studios, Hoxton Square. London.

Studied Bass with Peter Ind (we discussed music twice…he said “make sure that you always put your whole being behind every note that you play”)

 After only 2 weeks I badly damaged my left hand while building  the Bass Clef Jazz Club

Worked  on the first 8 track digital recordings of Matty Ross on Grand Piano using Sony Analogue Digital Converters and a VHS Video Tape Machine

Decided to play with boats for a while until the torn ligaments had healed




Started the Jazz School with Trefor Owen

The first Paul Hill Quartet

featured some of Manchester's finest (and wackiest).

Steve ‘Reed’ Pimlott. Tenor Sax

Phreddie Pharret. Alto Sax.

David Holdridge. Piano.

John Hulme. Trumpet.

Alan Butler. Vibes

Workshops with Paula Gardener ... Cardiff’s answer to Charlie Mingus

Dep gigs with Roy Potts ‘5 and a Penny’ for John McCormack.



City College Manchester.

H.N.D. Btech. Jazz Studies

Set up City Walls Music as a Business Module.


Arrangements and Scoring.


Distinction for Computer Generated electronic ‘Coltrane’ arr. of

“Some day my Prince will come”

Re-arranged Miles Davis’  “Blue in Green”   for 2 Flutes and 3 Guitars.

Arranged “The Ugly Duckling” for final Performance

along with “A Blizzard in June”

Quotes from “Summertime” “A White Christmas” and a creamy off the wall Chico Hamilton style!

Refused automatic placing at Leeds College of Music by one grade in Improvisation.

2:1 Average

Graduation July 1997.



City Walls Music

Web based Publishing Company established.

A fusion of Internet based technology and Sales techniques in the market place.

Development of recording techniques using all current software

Cubase; e-jay; acid; dj; Rebirth; Cakewalk;  

(later additions include Reason, Sound Forge, Logic Audio and Pro-Tools)



“….Funk Van Gogh and The Mania Brothers arrive….he paints what he hears….and they address all the  questions that every day neuroses pose!!!

All produced and engineered by Paul Hill….

Funk and The Manias are currently featured at

Developing 3D animation with Greg Macmillan. Graphic Art reaches new frontiers 




Played with local musicians in Chester after a 5 year break from playing Bass

30 years is a long time.

Started work with Mark Henderson…Original tunes and harmony…

Violin, Mandolin, Piano Accordion

The Folk Tradition



Access in Music

Studying two days per week in Manchester…

All aspects of teaching in Schools and Secondary Education

Vocal workshops…Percussion and Instrumental…

National Curriculum

Observation and Evaluation

30 week Professional Teaching Course

“From Simple theory to World music”

Graduation July 2004



Musicman 1

The Gambia West Africa

Studying, touring and performing with Tata Dinding

First DVD production “Hey Jonfolo”

Musicman 1 Production Company established.



Musicman 1

 The Gambia West Africa 

Musicman 1 Studio in Bakau opened.

Successful Launch of 

Music Production, Marketing, Sales and Internet Downloads.



Musicman 1

Establishment of the European office of Musicman 1

Upgrades and development of  website

First recordings from Sankun Jobarteh at Musicman 1 Bakau

Composition and Production from Saihou Kanuteh

Marketing Consultancy

Teaching at:-

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