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Let us call a spade a shovel. In the 1980s, Margaret Thatcher was the Conservative Prime Minister who turned a blind eye to the machinations of a Police Force which had enforced her repressive policies! The Coal, Steel, and Railway industries had been decimated, and Thatcher was hell-bent on giving emerging Computer Technology to the very rich. She also waged war, and seemed to thrive on it. She was given a hereditary Baronetcy. Nobody, but nobody gets one of those. Why was she so treated? She was a Grocer's daughter from Grantham, and lived above the corner shop. She aspired to be a somebody; a wannabee! She duly joined a class system that required that she pay the price! So she did! Murdoch's newspaper empire was in it's ascendancy. He supported Thatcher all the way! The Sun plied its filthy trade! 

Thatcher bulldozed her way across the sensibilities of the working people, and in particular the 96 who died, their families, the football club, and the city of Liverpool! And now, in 2013 we find that she was a "close" pal of Jimmy Savile, the most famous paedophile that the jolly old BBC has ever produced. I wonder what part Bernard Ingham and Peter Morrison played in all of this? And lest you question my assertion that sexuality ... the honey trap ... is often the leverage that makes politics go round, it has been suggested that Tony Blair supported George Bush's war in Iraq only because American Intelligence leaned on him about the questionable behaviour of one or two of his colleagues.

It is against this background of disgusting and inhuman behaviour that Murdoch finally led the UK press into the cesspit of the phone-hacking of the Dowlers, McCanns, and many others. Why is it that the dross of humanity somehow always end up running the country? Could it be that that is precisely why? Because they can be easily leaned on? Dysfunctional relationships with a mother or father would be an obvious place to start looking for such malformed character weakness! I again suggest that anybody who wants to serve in public office should undergo some basic psychological evaluation!

Thatcher was lied to, and indeed she lied herself as her officers committed perjury and conspiracy! Somebody definitely got leaned on in this case! Now the survivors are to be hoisted by their own petard! Perhaps it is not generally understood that once you have played this dirty game, they wait until you are dead before they throw you to the wolves! Longevity and Snouts in the Trough is a risky business! 

At Hillsborough in 1989, the fans had not all died by 3.15pm. Some were alive at 3.55pm and would have survived had there been care and treatment. They were murdered! They were left to die! They were denied treatment from Paramedics, who were ordered to remain outside the ground! Ordered to stand down! The new inquest, scheduled for 2013, will  have to decide. Accidental death! Death by misadventure! Unlawful killing! 

We have dismantled this abhorrent act of class warfare and brought the Conservative Party to the brink of extinction! The Leveson Report will finally give the rights of the people some teeth! But all of that is bye the bye! For the 96 and their families, and to the City of Liverpool, it is a matter of Respect! Dignity! Truth and Justice.

In 2007, I did 3 months consultancy work for The Bowater Windows Corporation. I was responsible for branch recruitment in the Pennine region, which included Sheffield. I hired an ex-police officer to train in Sales. As soon as I mentioned the events of 15.04.89., he visibly paled, shook and started sweating. Those junior officers knew what they had done; what they had been ordered to do! He said that he had had nightmares about it ever since! Tears flowed. I really don't think that there is any doubt about what actually happened. The question is ... does the truth and apportioning of blame and accountability really give closure to the families? I am sure that for some it will ... but I also pray that what has been achieved in the search for Truth and Justice for the 96 is only the start of a renaissance of Integrity, Honesty and Transparency in the Politics of our Democracy.

Steve Rotherham and Andy Burnham have brought decency back to the Political arena. Democracy is a dynamic that demands that each of us take responsibility for that evolutionary process in our own communities.

This is the 1996 Jimmy McGovern ITV Docu-drama. It is harrowing, and it will break your heart. But our Culture is the reflection of our Humanity!

This is ... Liverpool! This is ... Hillsborough!


Margaret Thatcher died yesterday. 08.04.13. Even in death she remains a divisive energy! I am of the school that, like Ed Milliband, dispenses with party politics while the grieving and the wake continue! But she is here again! St. Pauls Cathedral 17.04.13. A quasi state funeral which will be an outpouring of jewellery being rattled. Kings, Queens and Political Leaders for the girl from the corner shop! They welcomed her like we welcomed the Beatles. She was tough enough to deliver the package that Edward Heath could not! The knife went into the Coal Industry, The Steel Industry, The Telephone Company, The Post Office, The Energy Company and the Railways. She did their dirty work. She put the Bang back into their Bucks. Hello Canary Wharf. "Banks... ooohhh no... we wont regulate those... will we Denis? And when she was done, they simply removed her, with a small dose of Matricide!  I can sympathise with Tony Blair's assertion that she must have done something right, because even New Labour moved to the middle! But I find myself asking the same question again and again. Was writing off the working people of this country for 3 generations simply a footnote in the margin? Collateral damage? We are just reaching the bottom of the pit that she created!

There is an Astrological metaphor that works. The ending of the Age of Pisces needed the containment and earthing of watery passions and feelings that had run high, in order to effect the change to a free market economy. Pluto had moved inside Neptune's orbit for 20 years. Delusion and Ungodly Omnipotence were on the menu. Yes, Union bosses were at fault, and were indeed holding the country to ransom. But it was not necessary to humiliate and destroy thousands of communities that served the nation so well! As we move into the age of Aquarius, it is time to start the process of taking back the strength that has emerged, and harness that energy to an evolutionary process of collective endorsement. The right of the poor to eat at stable prices controlled by the collective community, and not the Conglomerate or Bank. The right of the poor to achieve affordable housing. The right of us all to education and health, without the ever increasing cost of an ever diminishing number of trickle-down opportunities.

Which brings us to Monday 15th April 2013....24 years on. Thatcher...the milk snatcher...was supposed to sanction Norman Bettison... and all of the people who worked for her, directly and indirectly! But she had very weak attributes, when stripped of that middle class quasi aristocratic cloak that she had decided that she wanted, as a wannabbee child! I am sure that those who got rid of her were as guilty of turning a blind eye to the obfuscations and murderous deceits of South Yorkshire Police as she was. In fact more so! The Old Boys Club was at its' worst. So Rest In Perfect Peace Margaret, in the full knowledge that the people of Liverpool will nurture the Soul of this beautiful City...and our broken hearts will reclaim the joy that our City has given to so matter how long it takes! With James Jones at the helm, ships from every part of the world have found refuge from the storm. The most impressive work has been done by the families themselves, who now also have the opportunity to put their dearest loved ones to rest!

There is a saying that Irony and Caricature became irrelevant when Dr. Henry Kissinger was given the Nobel Peace Prize! Well Politics became irrelevant when Margaret Thatcher decided to decimate Liverpool! She picked on the wrong City! There are 96 souls already resting in perfect peace, waiting to greet you Margaret! Walk On! Walk On!


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