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Welcome to 2014. Have you ever seen such a mess as the world today? Music has given me such an interesting life. The people, the players and the journey have been such a blast! Above is a picture of our evolutionary cycle. We are heading for something!!

Take a good long hard look at this ... this is what we are heading for ... no messing! Wherever you may be in the world today ... you need to start thinking collectively! Because the banks are stealing it from you ... the criminals are stealing it from you ... and whoever is left is working for corporations who are polluting the food so badly that ... if you eat it ... it will kill you ... and your family ... and then they will steal it from you.

Musicman 1 has set out to archive West African music as it has evolved in the 20th. century. There is a direct parallel with American musical evolution. In fact I would go so far as to say that Africa will take over as the Spiritual Centre of World Music in the 21st century! Jay Zee has pretty much got it wrapped up in the USA. A little more diversity is in order! The lead brick syndrome seems to have kicked the music of the USA into a very boring hyperspace!

So how about it? Please help us to keep building this wonderful resource. There are people in Europe and The USA who spend hundreds of Euros and Dollars each month on phones, laptops, notebooks and all the other non-essential toys and gadgets. Howsabout you mature a little and look at the needs of the world! It is curious that we are receiving lots of small donations from people who are genuinely understanding of need, but all of the rich nations of Europe and the USA seem to take us, and their own precious lives, for granted ...  bigtime!!  Please help us to build the future in West Africa! The Konte Kunda Music School is open. The Sofanyama Women's Project is on the way. Then we need to look into F.G.M. abolition projects; and resources for schools and help centres.

1 Dollar ... 1 Euro or 10 will help enormously. You get to feel it when you are contributing. You get to take ownership of your life as you help build a community. Paypal

Pour ceux d'entre vous en Russie .... continue MusicMan 1 ... s'il vous plait envoyez-nous un don de paypal ... 1 Rouble ... 10 roubles ...... 100 roubles .... Merci

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Mail me as well and I will give you a shout out...and there are trips to West Africa for those who genuinely want to get involved...Donate Now! Thankyou!

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