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C.E.O. Africa - Jonfolo Jallow

Retired - Paul Richard Hill           Follow JohnnyToubab on Twitter

Executive Director – Ebrima “Tata Dindin” Jobarteh

World Music Director – Saihou Kanuteh 

Archives Director – Lamin Yarbo

In the light of recent approaches from library music collectors ... let me explain that City Walls Music is designed to copyright our Artist music. We are happy to license individual tracks on a term agreement basis for use in Film, TV, or Advertising of a progressive nature! The Company then creates a royalty base that delivers between 60%-80% of all income direct to the Artist and their family. We are most definitey NOT interested in being part of an agreement that steals artist royalties to fund lifestyle excess based on pure greed! The times are indeed "a changin!"

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Every $US dollar that you $80 cents direct to the Artist. We operate a policy of fair trade and transparency... and give all of our Artists copyright around the world!



National Troupe 1945-1999 Kora and Balafon

Malamini "Baba" Jobarteh

Malamini "Baba" Jobarteh...

Traditional African Tunes

Harp Attack   

Banna Kanuteh

Banna Kanuteh...   National Troupe 

Recorded live at the 1983 Janjanbureh Festival. Features Banna's wife  Jali Mamanding Kuyateh on Vocals.

Traditional...Modern...and Developmental...Kora...Balafon...Percussion

Jaliba Kuyateh

Jaliba Kuyateh...  "3rd. Day"  .... a masterpiece from 1996

I will always come back to this beautiful music....he just rocks.....and millions of African women cannot be wrong....!

Pa Bobo

Pa Bobo....  

"Peace Love and Unity"     trad arrs. and modern compositions... featuring The Kaira Band

Moriba Kuyateh

Tabara  A rare Kora recording from this Balafon maestro...!

Moriba Kuyateh...   

"Tabara"   Solo Kora and Guitar Duets.....(featuring Dembo Jobarteh)......Trad Arrs.

Bai Jobarteh

From Sanyang to Duniya  Bai Jobarteh with Dutch percussionist Jan Hendricks

Bai Jobarteh..."From Sanyang to Duniya......"  

classic percussion featuring Bai Jobarteh playing Kora, Djembeh, Doundoun and Vocals....

and Jan Hendricks playing Djembeh, Bell and Doundoun.....

Saiko Susso 

Yerinaa  Ebrimah Jobarteh's Kambeng Project featuring the sadly departed Kora player Saiko Susso at his very best!

Saiko Susso...

Saiko Susso..... Ebrima Jobarteh....... Kambeng Project.....

"In memory of a beautiful Spirit"

Saihou Kanuteh

Brikong  This is 21st century music at its very best. 

Saihou Kanuteh....   


Tata Dindin

Duets  If its Jazz that does it for you...this is up there with McCoy Tyner...Herbie Hancock... and Pat Martino and Jerry Garcia.

Tata Dindin...

Tata Dindin... Kora   Hans Ludemann...Grand Piano   Duets

Developmental...Modern...Electronic...A Jahass...!!!

Sanku Jobarteh

The first tracks from the Musicman 1 Project. All written, recorded and produced in house....we love this stuff....and we hope you do too...!

Sanku Jobarteh...     "Sealah"

Johnny Toubab

Hey Jonfolo  The first Rock tune that we played with a full Kora Afro Mandinka Style

Johnny Toubab...

Tata Dindin    Johnny Toubab   Salam Band  

Funk Van Gogh

This is the Electronic stuff that I cut my teeth on after the arrival of music software in 1996.

Funk Van Gogh...

" ....Ouch!"  

 " ....Tentacles Bop!" 

Mania Brothers

Saihou Kanuteh's visual graphics begin to give The Manias a life of their own..

The Mania Brothers...      "....The Mania Brothers!

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