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In Libya, Africa's "Mad Dog", and The Middle East Master Terror Engine is?

Referred to as "the Mad Dog" of Africa by former president Ronald Regan of United States of American, Col. Mommar Al Gaddafi, Arab World's cruellest tyrant, seems to be cornered as change swept across the Middle East. With Reports of the cities including Benghazi falling to the democratic regime change demonstrators on late Sunday and reports that capital Tripoli might follow suit in a matter of time, one need to look at Libya under the Mad Dog at a glance.

Compiled by Bamba Mass Human Rights Activist (UK) Coming to power on the 1st September 1969 after toppling King Idris in a bloodless coup while the later was on a medical treatment in Turkey, Young Colonel Mommar Gaddafi soon asserted himself as an absolute ruler over the Libyan people dividing the country along tribal lines so as unity for a possible threat would be difficult. Gaddafi's revolution started in Benghazi while he was at the city's military college. Free Officers Movement founded by Gaddafi brought him to power and he was made chairman of the RCC. He claimed to have been a descendant of the Nations' most renowned national Hero "The Lion of the Desert" Omar Mukthar, who led a stiff resistance movement during the Italian invasion a claim said to be totally false. It is claimed though they both hailed from the same town of Sirte which at one time was groomed as a potential
new Capital.

Since His bloodless coup, Africa and the rest of the world knew no peace. His activities during the early 70s to the 80s had alarmed the entire Continent who first hailed him as a young reformist. He turned Africa any how he feels using his vast oil wealth to his advantage bullying less prosperous nations at will.

In September 1976, he moved his troops across the borders of Algeria, Chad and Niger producing a map in which he showed a 52,000 square mile of territory from the above named countries and claimed they were original territories of Libya. Algeria and Niger who feared Gaddafi took no action but Chad did and closed its border with Libya. The "Mad Dog" wasted no time in dealing with the Chadians. He claimed the ouzo strip in Chad belong to Libya thus annexing it with little resistance. That was not enough for Chad.

Chad 1979
In 1979 Gaddafi poked his nose into Chad. He backed Hissene Habre to topple president Malloum despite the president being backed by French forces in Chad; and since then, after falling out with Habre, Chad knew no peace. 2,000 to 3,000 Libyan soldiers were on the ground refusing to leave, thus aiding militias under Gougouni Oudaie, who failed to succeed after tens of thousands of Chadian civilian and military deaths. Even at that the "Mad Dog" never gave up. He was to topple Habre as well replacing him with Idris Derby in 1990.


The "Mad Dog" was the main financier of the Ethiopian dictator Col. Mengestho who also got aids from his government and USSR. Mengestho butchered his people and killed an estimated 20,000 Eritrean secessionists with Gaddafi's backing, despite Ethiopia being Christian, and Eritrea mostly Gaddafi's fellow Muslims. Gaddafi has no friends or foes; he is like a chameleon changing sides at will. He is as he sees himself an African equivalent of America, a super power, and no nation in Africa can dare challenge him. He uses Eritrea against Ethiopia and visa versa arming both to kill each other and also arming the Somalians against each other even to date. A master tactician and totally brutal, Gaddafi had acted wisely like his arch rivals America by using his diplomatic offices to channel funds for insurgencies in Africa and Asia.


Gaddafi sent 80 Libyan personals in to Gofsa town near the capital Tunis to aid rebels trying to topple then Tunisian president Bourguiba.

Morocco and then Senegal

In 1979 Gaddafi helped fund the new movement the POLISARIO FRONT in the Western Sahara against the Moroccan regime financing them and training their personel. When the matter came into the open, he withdrew his aid hanging the secessionists out to dry. Later that year President Senghor of Senegal accused him of trying to overthrow him. Senegal broke off diplomatic ties with Libya. Gambia backed Senegal condemning Gaddafi.

The Gambia 1981

The mad Dog never forgave Sir Dawda Jawara for exposing him. He was bent on punishing him hard. While Jawara was in London attending the royal wedding of Prince Charles to late princess Diana, Gaddafi sent one of his Al- Mathaba trained Gambians Kukoi Samba Sanyang who staged a coup and formed a National Revolution Council consisting of taxi drivers and some few ex field force officers mainly from his ethnic Jola tribe. Jawara flew back to Senegal the new successor to Senghor, Abdu Joof, with a plea from Britain which returned him back to power thus trashing the coup in less than a week. Kukoi fled back to his boss" the Mad Dog". Gambia cut off diplomatic ties with Libya and refused to attend the OAU meeting scheduled to take place in Libya in 1982 thus depriving Gaddafi of becoming Chairman of the Union the subsequent year, backed by many other African countries.

Jawara would pay later for angering Gaddafi again. 12 years after young soldiers staged a coup under Yahya Jammeh toppling Jawara's nearly 30 year grip on power. There was an international sanction and Jammeh's regime would have collapsed but for Gaddafi, who saw his chance and stepped in, dishing out millions to the young soldiers and also aiding the young regime to consolidate its grip on power. He provided training of young militias called the green Boys who were sent to his terrorist training Camp for the defence of the Junta. The Gambian regime, to say thank you, named one of the drives in Banjul from Arch 22 through NIA office towards RVTH as Col. Gaddafi Drive. Gaddafi's anchor man, a Gambian in the name of Baba K. Jobe was sent to help the Junta in Banjul. Money was abundant and after the Junta used Mr. Jobe, who helped strengthened their grip on power, Jobe was betrayed and jailed for economic crimes. Now Gambians are feeling the whip of the Mad Dog.


Gaddafi's trained terrorist Yoweri Moseveni who is now president of Uganda after the "Mad Dog" financed and trained all of Moseveni and his guerrilla war against Milton Obote leading to the overthrow of the latter. The man had been in power ever since butchering his people and ruling with an iron fist just like his master Boy Nar.

Liberia and then Sierra Leone

Of the entire Continent of Africa, the Liberian and Sierra Leonean civilians suffered most from the "Mad Dog's" poisonous brutal bites Gaddafi on Africans inside Africa. The Libyan People's Bureau in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso was turned to a base for Libyan backed Charles Tailor to enable him topple the regime of Master Sergeant Samuel K. Doe of Liberia. Doe who overthrew William Tolbert and killed his entire family including Tolbert's son Adolphus Tolbert who was at the time also a son in law to President Boigny of Ivory Coast, had angered the Ivorian leader who never forgave him and Boy Nar who helped Doe overthrow Tolbert, also fell out with him when Doe resumed relations with his country's former colonial master, America. Both were looking for ways to punish Doe and when Tailor who was said to have escaped from an American prison came to Burkina Faso, he got all the aid he could wish for from both Libya and Ivory Coast. Burkina Faso under Captain Blaise Campaure who Gaddafi had backed earlier with the help of the then Ivorian Dictator president Boigny to topple and kill the Much Loved president Captain Thomas Sankara (Tailor and Prince Johnson were both said to have played a part in that assassination).

On the 24th December 1989, about 150 Libyan trained mercineries crossed from Ivory Coast in to Nimba County Liberia butchering the khran and Mandingo tribes who were allied with the Doe regime and recruiting loads of the Gio tribes who had suffered during the Doe regime into their newly formed National Patriotic Liberation Front (NPLF) under Charles Tailor. There was chaos and human suffering and the regional bloc ECOWAS was quick sending in a peace keeping force called ECOMOG under a General Aquino, a Ghanaian. Gaddafi was also quick to create a separate faction under Prince Johnson thus escalating the war further.

Doe was captured and brutally murdered on camera by forces loyal to Prince Johnson under the watchful eye of ECOMOG. There was international outcry and the reputation of ECOMG came under fire exactly what Gaddafi wanted. ECOMOG acted quickly by replacing Aquino with no nonsense Nigerian General Dogonyaro who quickly resorts to safeguarding the capital. The damage had been done with loads of people fleeing to neighbouring Guinea Conakry. ECOMOG also tried to beat Tailor in his own game by arming his arch opponents Khran and Mandingos into civil defences. The creation of ULIMO came into force but that too was ill effective as the force later divide under ethnic lines with ULIMO-J of the khran tribe under Roosevelt Johnson while the ULIMO-K of the Mandingo tribe came under Alhagie Koroma both later attacking each other something typical of Africa.

Under Tailor was also another Libyan trained maniac Foday Sankor and under Gaddafi's advice, the war was further widened when Sankor and his gang of bandits cross Liberia into the Diamond mines of the Kono District of Sierra Leone waging war against the regime of Joseph Mommoh. They called their unit the Revolutionary United Front (RUF). Sankor was even more ruthless than Tailor, recruiting child soldiers and drugged them into murdering Machines. There were hideous reports of crimes of human amputations of limbs by the RUF and civilians were made to wear prints of RUF on their bodies marked by hot knife and other objects. Mommoh later fled to Guinea when the soldiers overthrew him and installed in Captain Strasser who in turn was deposed by his juniors things turned ugly Jonny Paul Koroma invited the RUF to join him form a government of national unity. Rebels overran Freetown with brutality miming people at will.

To cut a long story short RUF was finally marginalised and before he could pay for his crimes Sankor died thus depriving Sierra Leoneans receiving Justice. Now his junior master Charles Tailor was now appearing before the War crimes in The Hague facing crimes against the people of Sierra Leone but observers are still asking questions why Gaddafi has never been call to account for any of the massacre of Liberians and Sierra Leoneans when it was common knowledge he was the main financier of the wars?

OIL must have played a lot in Gaddafi's continuous stay in power for over 40 years only last year he was AU chairman. The west too had their fair share from the mad dog and when African countries including the Gambia under then president Jawara decided to boycott the supposed OAU meeting in Tripoli, Gaddafi was infuriated with rage and accused those countries of being stooges of American imperialist . He vowed to deal with the Western Imperialist. He persuaded or twisted the hands of some African Countries like Mali, Niger, Congo, Togo, Uganda, Gambia and Senegal to cut off diplomatic ties with Israel America's principal ally in the Middle East.

In 1973 he threatened to boycott OAU if the Organisation's Head Quarters was moved out of Ethiopia which he accused of supporting Israel aggressions against the Arabs. Ethiopia was convinced to join the rest of other African states condemning Israel. Gaddafi became a respected symbol for third world countries that saw him stand up to America. In a speech to the Jamahiriya in 1984, he was said to have told audience that Libyans are the defenders of the defenceless and they are capable of carrying terrorism to the heart of America. Libyans who go to Europe and refuse to go back
were targeted and gunned down by Libyan hit- squads.

When there was Libyan student demonstration outside the Libyan People's Bureau in London on the 17th April 1984, demonstrators tore into the Embassy tearing the Libyan green flag. Police were called and there was a shot out of the Embassy that killed WPC Yvonne Fletcher. Britain retaliated by besieging the Embassy for 10 days only to allow Embassy staff to return back to Libya under diplomatic immunity.Diplomatic ties was suspended but Britain failed to indict Gaddafi and continued to do business with him as usual as if nothing happened. Later He did compensated the WPC'S Family with cash and Diplomatic tires were restured.

But the "Mad Dog" was to cause more shuck when in 1986 after America bombed Libya and Gaddafi retaliated two years after causing terror in Europe. A Pan-American flight 103 which was flying over Lockerbie Scotland was bombed down killing 270 people mostly Americans. Realising his deeds was not welcomed by anyone he denied knowledge and refused to hand over suspects over the bombing. Sanctions were imposed and Libya was declared as sponsored of terrorism. Gaddafi retaliated by calling America the greatest terrorist state and told Britain to go to hell. He was also accused to have links to bombings in Berlin in 1986 This renowned Terrorist more vicious than Bin Laden, seem to get away with everything. He got forgiven by the West and America because he has in abundant what they can't do without Oil.

Libya was again welcomed back into the international community because of its Oil and not because there was any democratic reforms in Libya. Al megrahit who is serving life sentence for the Lockerbie bombing was finally released from prison on grounds of not expected to live long which turned out to be false. Britain which played a part was awarded oil deals and even American is now said to be close with the onetime "Mad dog". Nouri Al Asmari onetime a member of Gaddafi's inner circles also deserted him and spoke to Aljazeera defying his former and calling him a brutal dictator and said he is with the people not Gaddafi.

God was watching and counting his days. Now, Gaddafi faces his worst night mare, a challenge to his leadership from within. A man whose personal wealth is estimated to be around 72 billion had his own family run Libya for the past 40 years as his own house. A man who had more 60 billion purchased arms from Russia and Europe including Britain has enough arsenals to quell the uprising with force which there is little doubt he would  do.

His own chosen diplomats, ministers and some army officers start deserting him, and he has only the gun and hired mercenaries to cling on to. He could be heard ranting on Libyan State TV just like a "Mad Dog" he really is shouting defiantly calling on his supporters to take to the streets to confront the demonstrators and ordered military and police headed by his sons to clean the streets of  protesters. He called them cockroaches, Rats and intoxicated young lads asking their parents to take them off the streets or else he will. He promised to fight to the end and not going anywhere. He promised to die a martyred. Amen!  Libyan Ambassador to America resigns and calls on Gaddafi to stop killing innocent people.

His deputy UN envoy Dr. Muhammad Darbashi called on the world to try him on war crimes. Dr. Darbashi said condemning Gaddafi was not enough saying the world should safe the Libyan people from being massacred. His finance minister deserted him and joined the demonstrators calling on him to step down. Libyan ambassador to china also resigned together with the envoys to India and many other countries. If he survive this then it would be worth tens of thousands of innocent Libyan death as a price as we heard from the Italian foreign minister saying about 1,000 people dead. Hopefully he may be gone by then. The cities of Benghazi where Gaddafi himself started his revolution 40 years ago fell to the demonstrators and the Libyan national flag now fly over the government building after the demonstrators burned the green flag of Gaddafi. The same is said the cities of Al Baid and Tubruk where Army joined the demonstrators against the dictator. His yellow hat terrorists are going from door to door searching and arresting people.

Dead bodies with mass murders taking place as we speech. Major general Suleiman Mahmud who defected to join the demonstrator told Aljazeera that one of the pilots sent by Gaddafi to shoot on demonstrators choose rather to jump off the plane than shoot on his own people. His Puppy Sons who joined him in ruling the Jamahiriya must all be feeling the other side of the coin now. First Son Muhammad Al Gaddafi born to his first wife is Chairman of the Libyan General post and Telecommunications company a company.

2.Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi who is groomed to be Gaddafi's possible successor and whoappeared on State TV predicting civil war if the public tried to unseat  his Father. He is said to be heading the Gaddafi foundation.

3. Saadi Al Gaddafi, who is married to the Daughter of the Army Commander, is into filming he is said to have invested over 100million dollars into filming industry.

4. Mustassim Al Gaddafi is a Colonel in the Army and also National Security Adviser to Gaddafi and a commander in charge of his own unit independent of the army main unit.

5. Hannibal Al Gaddafi a mafia type psycho who was once arrested in Geneva for alleges assault on two of his servants. He is a carbon copy of his father in brutality.

6. Saif Al Arab Gaddafi who mostly keeps himself to himself in his estate palace is not a public man and very little is known about him. He is said to be extremely rich

7. Khamis Al Gaddafi trained in Russia is senior police commanders who like his brother Mustassim, held his own police unit free off the police force and answerable to him alone.

8. Ayesha Al Gaddafi at trained Lawyer who was part of former Iraqi dictator Saddam during his trial. She is married to her father's cousin who is Libya's oil tycoon.

9. Milad Abuztaia Al Gaddafi a nephew to Gaddafi by birth, the man who saved Gaddafi's life during the 1986 American bombing of his compound. He is now an adopted son and a trusted member of his inner circle. He too is much feared. With these powerful poppy men behind him, it would take time before the "mad dog" could finally be put down for good.  Almost there is no country In Africa, that had not had a punch from this "Mad Dog" From Chad, Somalia Ethiopia Eritrea, ect in the east, to Gambia, Mali, Guinea Bissau, Burkina Faso, Togo Liberia Sierra Leone ect in the West, to Uganda, Burundi, Congo, Rwanda ect in the center, to Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, ect in the south and Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Niger, and even Egypt in the North, all had their share from this "Mad crazy Dog"

All Africans are holding our breath and praying for the innocent Libyan civilians whose blood flow in the streets of the Nations' cities and towns. We are with them and we call on the "mad dog" to call off his Machineries hired to repel opposition to his iron grip on power and leave before he is captured. Only time will tell. I also appeal to all descent peace loving citizens of the world especially the Super Powers and defenders of the free world to come to Libyan citizens' aid to flush terror out so that we can all breathe fresh air. This mad dog must be put down or else we shall all take a bite from him.

God is with the Libyan people and the Dog will be put down.

Bamba Mass


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